Draw with artificial intelligence. Vol 8. In the mirrors

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Draw with artificial intelligence. Vol 8. In the mirrors
Šrift:Väiksem АаSuurem Aa

© Alexander Shtraykher, 2024

ISBN 978-5-0062-9346-5 (т. 8)

ISBN 978-5-0062-2237-3

Создано в интеллектуальной издательской системе Ridero

Artificial intelligence in this album was given the task of creating a painting based on the plot «a beautiful young woman admires herself in the mirror», and then making versions of the painting through the eyes of different well-known artists.

Naturally, these works of art undoubtedly have nothing to do with museums and private collections. They may not be original enough, but they are very aesthetically pleasing and technically competent.

I must say that the subject of these «works» is not the creation of new masterpieces, but a kind of game based on the entire cultural Heritage, a kind of «bead game» with cultural artifacts. Despite the obvious inconsistencies, and often because of them, aesthetic, cultural, sexual, humorous, and other sensations arise. And that is the goal.

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