Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers

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A complete textbook and reference for engineers to learn the fundamentals of computer programming with modern C++

Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers is an original presentation teaching the fundamentals of computer programming and modern C++ to engineers and engineering students. 

Professor Cyganek, a highly regarded expert in his field, walks users through basics of data structures and algorithms with the help of a core subset of C++ and the Standard Library, progressing to the object-oriented domain and advanced C++ features, computer arithmetic, memory management and essentials of parallel programming, showing with real world examples how to complete tasks. He also guides users through the software development process, good programming practices, not shunning from explaining low-level features and the programming tools.

Being a textbook, with the summarizing tables and diagrams the book becomes a highly useful reference for C++ programmers at all levels.

Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers teaches how to program by:

Guiding users from simple techniques with modern C++ and the Standard Library, to more advanced object-oriented design methods and language features Providing meaningful examples that facilitate understanding of the programming techniques and the C++ language constructions Fostering good programming practices which create better professional programmers Minimizing text descriptions, opting instead for comprehensive figures, tables, diagrams, and other explanatory material Granting access to a complementary website that contains example code and useful links to resources that further improve the reader’s coding ability Including test and exam question for the reader’s review at the end of each chapter Engineering students, students of other sciences who rely on computer programming, and professionals in various fields will find this book invaluable when learning to program with C++.

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