Quality Planning and Assurance

Principles, Approaches, and Methods for Product and Service Development
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QUALITY PLANNING AND ASSURANCE Discover the most crucial aspects of quality systems planning critical to manufacturing and service success In Quality Planning and Assurance: Principles, Approaches, and Methods for Product and Service Development, accomplished engineer Dr. Herman Tang delivers an incisive presentation of the principles of quality systems planning. The book begins with an introduction to the meaning of the word “quality” before moving on to review the principles of quality strategy and policy management. The author then offers a detailed discussion of customer needs and the corresponding quality planning tasks in design phases, as well as a treatment of the design processes necessary to ensure product or service quality. Readers will enjoy explorations of advanced topics related to proactive approaches to quality management, like failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA). They???ll discover discussions of issues like supplier quality management and the key processes associated with quality planning and execution. The book also includes: A thorough introduction to quality planning, including definitions, discussions of quality system, and an overview of the planning process A comprehensive exploration of strategic planning development, including strategic management, risk management and analysis, and pull and push strategies Practical discussions of customer-centric planning, including customer-oriented design, quality function deployment, and affective engineering In-depth examinations of quality assurance by design, including the design review process, design verification and validation, and concurrent engineering Perfect for senior undergraduate and graduate students in technology and management programs, Quality Planning and Assurance will also earn a place in the libraries of managers and technical specialists in a wide range of fields, including quality management.

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