Emergency Medicine Simulation Workbook

A Tool for Bringing the Curriculum to Life
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Emergency Medicine Simulation Workbook provides medical educators with clear and systematic guidance on incorporating medical simulation into their curriculum. Now in its second edition, this invaluable workbook helps those tasked with training emergency physicians, nurses, and technicians deliver the highest quality training and achieve optimal results. Chapters written by a team of expert authors explain how to use advanced simulation technology to realistically portray clinical scenarios without any risk to real patients. Fully annotated cases cover key topics including cardiovascular, thoracic and respiratory emergencies, trauma, toxicologic and infectious emergencies, and more. Throughout the text, practical “tips and tricks" accompany case images and patient data to help educators easily deploy simulation-based learning and tailor their curriculum for novice and advanced students alike. This workbook also: Helps medical educators train students in diverse settings where it is impractical to work directly with patients Highlights the unique benefits of integrating medical simulation in diverse, acute, and emergency care training scenarios Features numerous clinical cases that cover the full spectrum of emergency medicine pathology Includes access to a companion website with patient histories, video clips, downloadable imaging and laboratory results in PowerPoint format, and additional resourcesAn indispensable tool designed to make simulation more accessible, Emergency Medicine Simulation Workbook remains a must-have guide for all medical educators in the field.

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500 lk. 192 illustratsiooni
Sara B. Scott, Traci L. Thoureen
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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