Emerging Technologies for Healthcare

Internet of Things and Deep Learning Models
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“Emerging Technologies for Healthcare” begins with an IoT-based solution for the automated healthcare sector which is enhanced to provide solutions with advanced deep learning techniques.

The book provides feasible solutions through various machine learning approaches and applies them to disease analysis and prediction. An example of this is employing a three-dimensional matrix approach for treating chronic kidney disease, the diagnosis and prognostication of acquired demyelinating syndrome (ADS) and autism spectrum disorder, and the detection of pneumonia. In addition, it provides healthcare solutions for post COVID-19 outbreaks through various suitable approaches, Moreover, a detailed detection mechanism is discussed which is used to devise solutions for predicting personality through handwriting recognition; and novel approaches for sentiment analysis are also discussed with sufficient data and its dimensions.

This book not only covers theoretical approaches and algorithms, but also contains the sequence of steps used to analyze problems with data, processes, reports, and optimization techniques. It will serve as a single source for solving various problems via machine learning algorithms.

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550 lk. 176 illustratsiooni
Monika Mangla, Nonita Sharma, Poonam Garg, Shahnawaz Khan, Thirunavukkarasu K, Vaishali Wadhwa
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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