Flexible Supercapacitors

Materials and Applications
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FLEXIBLE SUPERCAPACITORS Comprehensive coverage of the latest advancements in flexible supercapacitors In Flexible Supercapacitors: Materials and Applications, a team of distinguished researchers deliver a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the foundational principles and real-world applications of flexible supercapacitors. This edited volume includes contributions from leading scientists working in the field of flexible supercapacitors. The book systematically summarizes the most recent research in the area, and covers fundamental concepts of electrode materials and devices, including on-chip microsupercapacitors and fiber supercapacitors. The latest progress and advancements in stretchable supercapacitors and healable supercapacitors are also discussed, as are problems and challenges commonly encountered in the development of flexible supercapacitors. The book concludes with suggestions and fresh perspectives on future research in this rapidly developing field. Flexible Supercapacitors: Materials and Applications also offers: A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of supercapacitors, including their materials and devices Comprehensive explorations of flexible fiber supercapacitors and two-dimensional materials for flexible supercapacitors In-depth examinations of flexible supercapacitors with metal oxides-based electrodes and flexible on-chip microsupercapacitors Practical discussions of stretchable and healable supercapacitors, as well as patterned nanostructured electrodes Perfect for researchers in the fields of materials science, physics, and electrical engineering, Flexible Supercapacitors: Materials and Applications is also an ideal reference for developers interested in supercapacitor design, materials, and devices.

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640 lk. 177 illustratsiooni
Di Chen, Guozhen Shen, Zheng Lou
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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