Fundamentals of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

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Fundamentals of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Covers the competencies necessary to assure the highest quality of aquatic veterinary services Fundamentals of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine provides systematic, highly practical guidance on the treatment of aquatic mammals, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates in veterinary practice. Mapping to each of the nine core areas of the WAVMA Certified Aquatic Veterinarian (CertAqV) Program, this comprehensive clinical reference covers taxonomy, anatomy and physiology of aquatic species, water quality and life support systems, diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of aquatic diseases, and more. Designed to help readers acquire and demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to be competent in aquatic veterinary medicine, this authoritative guide: Focuses on “Day One” competencies outlined by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Covers pathobiology and epidemiology of aquatic diseases, public health,zoonotic diseases, and seafood safety Provides up-to-date information on relevant legislation, regulations, and policies Fundamentals of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine is a must-have reference and review guide for veterinary students and practitioners interested in practicing aquatic veterinary medicine, as well as for aquatic veterinarians looking to become WAVMA certified or wanting to acquire OIE “Day One” competency.

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490 lk. 43 illustratsiooni
Chris Walster, Julius Tepper, Laura Urdes
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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