Multicomponent Reactions towards Heterocycles

Concepts and Applications
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Presents a wide-ranging overview of essential topics and recent advances in MCR chemistry

Heterocycles are a central component in natural product chemistry, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and material science. New synthetic methodologies integrating the sequencing of multicomponent reactions (MCRs) are today being used for the rapid synthesis of diversified heterocycles in just one step. Multicomponent Reactions towards Heterocycles presents an up-to-date summary MCR chemistry with a focus on the conjugation between modern synthetic methodologies and MCRs.

Featuring contributions by leaders in the field, this comprehensive resource highlights applications of MCRs in natural products and intermediate synthesis, discusses current trends and future prospects in MCR chemistry, outlines novel multicomponent procedures, and more. The authors provide the practical information required for designing new reaction strategies and mechanisms, covering topics including MCR-based green synthetic methods, cyclization and cycloaddition reactions, heterocycle multicomponent syntheses in a continuous flow, catalytic alkynoyl generation, MCR synthesis of saturated heterocycles, and C–H functionalization and multicomponent reactions.

Provides a thorough overview of heterocycles as input in multicomponent reactions Discusses recent advances in the field of MCR chemistry and progress in the synthesis and functionalization of heterocycles Demonstrates the use of MCRs to simplify synthetic design and achieve complexity and diversity in novel bioactive molecules Highlights examples of multicomponent polymerizations, target-oriented synthesis, and applications of MCR in medicinal chemistry Explains the methodology of using on-resin MCRs to produce heterocycle compounds Illustrating the key role of MCRs towards heterocycles in natural product synthesis, drug discovery, organic synthesis, and other applications, Multicomponent Reactions towards Heterocycles is required reading for synthetic chemists in academia and industry alike.

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Erik Van der Eycken, Upendra K. Sharma
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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