Sustainable Agriculture Systems and Technologies

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Sustainable Agriculture Systems and Technologies A robust treatment of traditional and new techniques in sustainable agriculture In Sustainable Agriculture Systems and Technologies, a team of distinguished researchers delivers an up-to-date and comprehensive exploration of sustainable agriculture and its relationship to the drivers of climate change. Along with robust examinations of food security and the agrarian livelihood, the book covers the impact of climate change and variability on agriculture, water management in agricultural systems, and precision agriculture. This book represents a significant contribution to the scientific understanding of the application of technologies that address food insecurity and climate change through sustainable productivity, system diversification, irrigation practices, crop modeling, data analytics, and agricultural policy. It also explores the risks and benefits of different agricultural systems under changing climate scenarios. The book also offers: A thorough introduction to agriculture and food security, including the diversification of ecosystems and the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns on food security and smallholder agricultural systems Comprehensive explorations of crop diversification and the impacts of climate variability on food security in Indonesia Practical discussions of water conservation agriculture and the quality of irrigation water for sustainable agriculture development in India In-depth examinations of geoinformatics, artificial intelligence, sensor technology, and big data Perfect for academics, scientists, environmentalists, and environmental consultants, Sustainable Agriculture Systems and Technologies will also earn a place in the libraries of computing experts working in the field of agricultural science.

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A. K. Pandey, Pavan Kumar, S. S. Singh, Susheel Kumar Singh, V. K. Singh
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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