Radio Science Techniques for Deep Space Exploration

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Explore the development and state-of-the-art in deep space exploration using radio science techniques

In Radio Science Techniques for Deep Space Exploration, accomplished NASA/JPL researcher and manager Sami Asmar delivers a multi-disciplinary exploration of the science, technology, engineering, mission operations, and signal processing relevant to deep space radio science. The book discusses basic principles before moving on to more advanced topics that include a wide variety of graphical illustrations and useful references to publications by experts in their respective fields.

Complete explanations of changes in the characteristics of electromagnetic waves and the instrumentation and technology used in scientific experiments are examined.

Radio Science Techniques for Deep Space Exploration offers answers to the question of how to explore the solar system with radio links and better understand the interior structures, atmospheres, rings, and surfaces of other planets. The author also includes:

Thorough introductions to radio science techniques and systems needed to investigate planetary atmospheres, rings, and surfaces Comprehensive explorations of planetary gravity and interior structures, as well as relativistic and solar studies Practical discussions of instrumentation, technologies, and future directions in radio science techniques Perfect for students and professors of physics, astronomy, planetary science, aerospace engineering, and communications engineering, Radio Science Techniques for Deep Space Exploration will also earn a place in the libraries of engineers and scientists in the aerospace industry.

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