UAS Integration into Civil Airspace

Policy, Regulations and Strategy
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UAS Integration into Civil Airspace Explores current Unmanned Air Systems policies with a view to developing a common airspace access and integration strategy UAS Integration into Civil Airspace: Policy, Regulations and Strategy examines the current state of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) airspace access and integration around the world, focusing on the efforts that have produced a regulatory response to the demand for access. This analysis discusses the proposed architectures for a common strategic and analytical thread that may serve as templates for the entire community, as well as for regulators and policymakers who must balance the needs and demands of UAS users with the general public’s right to safe skies and privacy. An understanding of the market forces and business cases that are fuelling the development of the technology is also covered with a focus on the economics of the industry. The book presents a strategy for airspace access and integration that will facilitate humanitarian, environmental, social and security uses of unmanned aircraft systems on a global scale. Key features: Discusses existing and evolving policies and regulations from nations around the world for operating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in civil airspace Examines the current status of technological developments such as UTM and U-space and explores the technological potential in the years to come Presents a comprehensive airspace integration strategy that balances the many conflicting interests in the UAS world, with due regard for safety, utility and affordability UAS Integration into Civil Airspace: Policy, Regulations and Strategy is essential reading for all professionals involved in UAS industry, as well as students in mechanical engineering and law.

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