Sean Dillon 3-Book Collection 1: Eye of the Storm, Thunder Point, On Dangerous Ground

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Introducing Sean Dillon – terrorist, assassin, hero – in his first three adventures from master storyteller Jack Higgins.EYE OF THE STORMSean Dillon is a hired killer. The IRA, the PLO, ETA – he’s worked for them all. Now, with the Gulf War raging, the Iraqis need his services for an apocalyptic strike at the heart of the West. But British Intelligence are on his trail – they have hired a killer to stalk a killer; a mortal enemy who is hell-bent on revenge. As the lightning strikes and the bullets fly, Sean Dillon will discover how it feels to be at the eye of the storm…THUNDER POINTA diver discovers a priceless treasure off Thunder Point: a German U-boat containing proof that Martin Bormann escaped from Hitler’s bunker, bearing the most explosive secrets of the Third Reich – and the devastating document known as the Windsor Protocol. For the sake of national security, the U-boat must be destroyed, no questions asked. Sean Dillon, Britain’s most wanted terrorist, is about to be made an offer he cannot refuse…ON DANGEROUS GROUNDA deathbed confession from a Mafia kingpin reveals details of a top-secret treaty, believed lost in a plane crash in 1944. To keep it secret the British and Chinese governments will do whatever it takes. Soon, Sean Dillon enters the fray; his feared expertise tested as he battles ruthless killers and higher unseen powers to expose treacheries, colossal truths, and risk everything he loves in an explosive quest for justice.

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30 juuni 2019
860 lk. 10 illustratsiooni
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