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Estonian Health Insurance Fund

The validity of health insurance can be checked in the State Portal or the information line of the Health Insurance Fund (+372) 669 6630.

Working under an employment contract

The right to health insurance is granted to an employee working under an employment contract with a term of more than one month or an employment contract with an unspecified term.

The data received from the employers for insuring the employees and suspending or terminating the insurance are forwarded by the Tax and Customs Board from the employment register to the Health Insurance Fund.

An employee’s health insurance is granted after a 14-day waiting period since the date of commencement of work as entered in the register. If the date of commencement of work as entered in the register falls in the period of valid health insurance, the health insurance will continue on the new grounds without an interruption. Commencement of work must be registered by the employer in the employment register by the moment of commencement of work at the latest.

The health insurance of persons insured as employees expires two months after the date of cessation of work as entered in the employment register. If an employer has not formalised health insurance for a person and as a result, a person cannot get the required health service or compensation, the employer is required to compensate the damages.

Working under a contract for services and an authorisation agreement

On 1 January 2016, in the Health Insurance Act, the provisions were amended that regulate the insurance cover conditions of persons receiving remuneration or service fees on the basis of a contract under the law of obligations and of members of the management or controlling bodies of legal persons.

A new health insurance cover system applies to them, according to which the commencement and suspension of insurance cover is related to the submission of the declaration of income and social tax, unemployment insurance premiums and contributions to mandatory funded pension to the Tax and Customs Board, and in order to receive the insurance cover, social tax must be declared for the person for at least a month based on the monthly rate established for the budget year with the state budget. Insurance cover is granted if the minimum social tax has been declared when working under one or several contracts under the law of obligations or being a member of the management or controlling bodies of one or several legal persons.

Insurance cover is granted after the submission of the declaration and suspended if the minimum social tax requirement has not been fulfilled by the time of submission of the next declaration. In case of this insurance type, the 14-day waiting period or a 2-month warranty period that applies to employees working under an employment contract are not applied anymore. The insurance cover is not suspended for the time in which a person has the right to benefits for temporary incapacity for work (e.g. sickness benefit, maternity benefit, etc.).