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An employee must notify the employer at the earliest opportunity of his/her temporary incapacity for work and, where possible, the presumed duration thereof.

For work organisation purposes, it is essential that the employer be informed of an impediment at the earliest opportunity. So the employer can plan the personnel resources, an employee must inform the employer of his/her absence and present a document indicating the reason (e.g. certificate of incapacity for work).

An employee must fulfil his/her obligations personally.

If upon executing an order or mandate, a result (product or service) complying with any specific criteria is important; a specific employee is subordinate to the employer during the working time established in the employment contract. The law provides the parties with an option to agree upon the use of a third person.

Example. Jaana is a good employee whose skills are appreciated by the employer. This is why it is important for the employer that Jaana would perform the agreed work. The employer knows that her contribution will yield high-quality work results.

Robert’s customers are interested in receiving the agreed production on time and in the correct quantity and quality. The contracting party does not know who does it and where and how.

The employee assumes proprietary liability for the damages caused to the


Damage caused wrongfully must be compensated, but the employee who is responsible for defective work must also assume liability. In case of defective products, the employer has the right to reduce the wages.

Do not forget!

A contract for services is not an employment contract!

With a contract for services, the law does not prescribe:

• an employment relationship for an unspecified term;

• a minimum wage;

• limits on working and rest time;

• right to holiday and holiday pay;

• work equipment and in-service training;

• right to compensation for working on a public holiday, for overtime work and night work;

• employer’s obligation to ensure a safe working environment and personal protective equipment.