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“My Inventions” is a candid and illuminating autobiography of Nikola Tesla, one of the most important technological innovators of the modern industrial age. Famous for the radio, robotics, and wireless energy, Tesla quickly gained international notoriety for his pioneering inventions as much for his eccentric life. Perhaps no one in his day more thoroughly embodied the archetype of the “mad scientist”. This firsthand account reveals the fascinating interior life of a genius. In it we see a prodigious man musing over the Tesla coil, magnifying transmitter, transformer, and the rotating magnetic field. Written by the brilliant inventor himself, “My Inventions” is a fascinating window into the principles and practices of Tesla’s singular world. Tesla’s public rivalry with Thomas Edison, with whom he worked early on, fueled his celebrity. Here we witness the art and science behind the conception, execution, and reception of Tesla’s most famous inventions. Also included in this collection are the writings “Tesla Would Pour Lightning from Airships to Consume Foe”, “The Action of the Eye”, and “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy”.

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  • ISBN: 9781420955606
  • Kirjastaja: Neeland Media LLC
  • Copyright: Ingram
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