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An in-depth introduction to the foundations of vibrations for students of mechanical engineering

For students pursuing their education in Mechanical Engineering, An Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations is a definitive resource. The text extensively covers foundational knowledge in the field and uses it to lead up to and include: finite elements, the inerter, Discrete Fourier Transforms, flow-induced vibrations, and self-excited oscillations in rail vehicles.

The text aims to accomplish two things in a single, introductory, semester-length, course in vibrations. The primary goal is to present the basics of vibrations in a manner that promotes understanding and interest while building a foundation of knowledge in the field. The secondary goal is to give students a good understanding of two topics that are ubiquitous in today's engineering workplace – finite element analysis (FEA) and Discrete Fourier Transforms (the DFT- most often seen in the form of the Fast Fourier Transform or FFT). FEA and FFT software tools are readily available to both students and practicing engineers and they need to be used with understanding and a degree of caution. While these two subjects fit nicely into vibrations, this book presents them in a way that emphasizes understanding of the underlying principles so that students are aware of both the power and the limitations of the methods.

In addition to covering all the topics that make up an introductory knowledge of vibrations, the book includes:

● End of chapter exercises to help students review key topics and definitions

● Access to sample data files, software, and animations via a dedicated website

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  • ISBN: 9781119053644
  • Kirjastaja: Wiley
  • Copyright: John Wiley & Sons Limited
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