Wartime for the Shop Girls (The Shop Girls, Book 2)Audio

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War brings changes the friends could never foresee...                                   'Cheerful and uplifting... I enjoyed it immensely' Katie Fforde                        'Highly recommended' Anna Jacobs                    It's 1942 and as shortages of staff - and goods - begin to bite, young Lily Collins is thrilled to step up to sales junior in her job at Marlow's department store.             But bombs are still falling and Lily and fellow shop girls Gladys and Beryl need a stiff upper lip to wave boyfriends, husbands and brothers goodbye, especially with a baby on the way and grim news on the wireless. When Jim, who works with Lily at the store, seems restless, things are bad enough, but nothing can prepare Lily for the secrets that come tumbling out when her favourite brother comes home on leave...             Somehow, she must keep smiling through. Community, family and friends rally round as her home town - and the whole country - is tested once again.

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  • Vanusepiirang: 0+
  • Lisatud LitResi: 03 veebruar 2020
  • ISBN: 9780008298715
  • lugeja: Becky Wright
  • Kirjastaja: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Copyright: Gardners Books
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