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“I have a proposition for you. ” It was strictly a temporary business arrangement. Movie idol Maggie McShane – America’s sweetheart – needed a husband, fast! But ever since they shared a dance and a night of incredible lovemaking, Tony Young had wanted the pleasure of something a little more…permanent.From the minute she met the sexy rancher, Maggie knew he was the answer to her wedding woes. But when the charade ended, would they have to call the whole thing off?Or could Maggie and Tony turn their sham marriage into a forever kind of love? Back in Business Romance outside the nine-to-five!

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  • Vanusepiirang: 0+
  • Maht: 200 lk. 2 illustratsiooni
  • ISBN: 9781408910726
  • Kirjastaja: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Copyright: HarperCollins
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