Biorefinery of Oil Producing Plants for Value-Added Products

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Biorefinery of Oil Producing Plants for Value-Added Products An instructive and up-to-date pretreatment and industrial applications of oil producing plants Biorefinery of Oil Producing Plants for Value-Added Products is a two-volume set that delivers a comprehensive exploration of oil producing plants, from their availability to their pretreatment, bioenergy generation, chemical generation, bioproduct generation, and economic impact. The distinguished team of editors has included a wide variety of highly instructive resources written by leading contributors to the field. This set explores the current and future potential of bioenergy production to address the energy and climate crisis, as well as the technologies used to produce materials like biogas, biodiesel, bioethanol, biobutanol, biochar, fuel pellets, and biohydrogen. It also discusses the production of biobased chemicals, including bio-oil, biosurfactants, catanionic surfactants, glycerol, biovanillin, bioplastic, and plant-oil based polyurethanes. Concluding with an insightful analysis of the economic effects of oil producing plants, the set also offers readers: A thorough introduction to the availability of oil producing plants, including palm oil, castor oil, jatropha, nyamplung, and coconut A comprehensive exploration of the pretreatment of oil producing plants, including the physical, chemical and biological pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass Practical discussion of the generation of bioenergy, including biogas generation in the palm oil mill and biodiesel production techniques using jatropha In-depth examinations of the generation of biobased chemicals, including those produced from the tobacco plant Perfect for researchers and industry practitioners involved with the biorefinery of oil producing plants, Biorefinery of Oil Producing Plants for Value-Added Products also belongs in the libraries of undergraduate and graduate students studying agriculture, chemistry, engineering, and microbiology.

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Lai-Yee Phang, Misri Gozan, Mohamad Faizal Ibrahim, Suraini Abd-Aziz
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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