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Over the decades, there has been so much to say about leadership. From the economists to entrepreneurs and organisational researches, leadership has always been the talk of the town. And all these discoveries and evolution has brought us all to a single platform of leadership. Now, experts and researchers have been finding out that there is no hard and fast rule of leadership, nor is it some sort of structure that goes along with all the organisational structures perfectly in sync.

Leadership is a customized concept and it has to be plugged in smartly in order to make it effective. Effective leadership will only ensure that organisations perform like the giants in the industries of today and the future. But to achieve effective leadership, a leader has to unlearn the learnt and enlighten themselves into learning the modern leadership styles, approaches and action-plans, and how their use in daily life can morph organizational compatibility and career success.

Dwelve into this scintillating leadership guide, which will help you understand how you have been doing it all wrong. It is time to change gears of leadership and make sure you are not just a LEADER, you are a SMART LEADER! Time to start your journey towards SMART LEADERSHIP.

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  • Lisatud LitResi: 22 jaanuar 2021
  • ISBN: 978-83-960368-1-0
  • Kirjastaja: TG TRAINING
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