Philomel Cottage: An Agatha Christie Short Story

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Philomel Cottage: An Agatha Christie Short Story
Philomel Cottage: An Agatha Christie Short Story
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A classic Agatha Christie short story, available individually for the first time on audio.             Recently swept off her feet, after a week of courting, the newly married Alix Martin is a woman obsessed by a reoccurring dream of her new husband's murder. Each time she can see the murderer clearly and it is the mild mannered man she had almost married wreaking his revenge. But, what is worse is that at the end of the dream she thanks the murderer.             Alix, perplexed and confused calms herself in their pretty garden when their gardener, two days early, wishes her a happy trip and says he's sad to hear that the couple may never return. More than perplexed Alix is now scared. Is the simple gardener confused or is she?

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13 märts 2020
Hugh Fraser
HarperCollins Publishers
Gardners Books
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Philomel Cottage: An Agatha Christie Short Story
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‘Go and see what’s been happening in that room.’ He laid Alix carefully down on a couch and bent over her. ‘My little girl,’ he murmured. ‘My poor little girl. What have they been doing to you?’ Her eyelids fluttered and her lips just murmured his name. Dick was aroused by the policeman’s touching him on the arm. ‘There’s nothing in that room, sir, but a man sitting in a chair. Looks as though he’d had some kind of bad fright, and –’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Well, sir, he’s – dead.’ They were startled by hearing Alix’s voice. She spoke as though in some kind of dream, her eyes still closed. ‘And presently,’ she said, almost as though she were quoting from something, ‘he died –’