The Cult in my Grandmother's House

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The Cult in my Grandmother's House
The Cult in my Grandmother's House
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When eight-year-old Ania is sent to stay with her grandmother for the summer holidays, she finds a house full of strangers and a grandmother who pretends not to know her. Ania only returns home six years later.

This autobiography is about childhood in an illegal cult in the USSR, involving the scientific and creative elite of the Soviet Union. The cult's leader, V. D. Stolbun, claimed to be raising a breed of superhuman immune to any physical or mental illness.

Any totalitarian cult is built on a strict hierarchy and is controlled entirely by its leader, whose only motive is power.

This is a book about adults betraying the children in their care. It warns us to be wary of anyone who claims to be «saving the world», and contains tools to identify a cult before it is too late.

The author managed to free herself from the puppetmaster's grip, but his appalling activities continue to this day.

Содержит нецензурную брань.

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Lisatud LitResi:
05 veebruar 2022
7 h. 04 min. 48 s.
Stephanie Droop
Сергей Романович Рыжков
ЛитРес: чтец, Автор, Рыжков Сергей
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The Cult in my Grandmother\'s House


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A cult always creates an atmosphere of hostile confrontation between the outside world (“them”, “they”, “not one of us”) and its own little world (“us”, “we”, “one of us”). Those who are outside the cult are by definition sick and wrong, and the task is to cure them and teach them how to do it right.


Cults “decorate” their teachings with elements of esotericism and mysticism, some kind of secret knowledge accessible only to select people, so that its members believe that, despite the inconvenience, they are still special and chosen and part of a certain higher circle, the only ones who understand the true essence of things.