Persuasive Selling and Power Negotiation

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Everything is negotiable. Unfortunately, most people are poor negotiators, and the number one reason why can be traced back to early childhood. This audio series can help you change that. Whether you are trying to influence or negotiate with your biggest client, boss, spouse, or even one of your children, you need to be skillful. This program will help you learn to read body language, know how to overcome the most frequently occurring miscommunication problems, and know exactly how someone can be persuaded. Listen as the experts reveal their secrets so you, too, can succeed.Contents include:Darkest Secrets of Persuasion & Seduction Masters: How to Protect Yourself and Turn the Power to GoodThe Six Laws of Approachability: How to Break Down Barriers and Get People to Like YouThe Secret to Persuasiveness  How to Get What You WantHow to Influence People with Powerful Communication: 30 Minute Success SeriesSelling Beyond Your Own StyleNegotiate the Best DealSelling Higher-Priced Products against Lower-Priced CompetitionThe Answer is Always No if You Don't Ask  7 Strategies for Negotiating Your Way to YES! (Part 1)The Answer is Always No if You Don't Ask  7 Strategies for Negotiating Your Way to YES! (Part 2)Communication Skills to InfluenceMastering Price Negotiations for Sales ProfessionalsCommunication and the Art of Persuasion

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07 juuli 2019
Blackstone Publishing
Gardners Books
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