Sell to Anyone!

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Your ability to prospect and sell depends on how well you can work with anyone. In this powerful, must-have series of value-packed audios, three of the world's top sales trainers come together to teach you little-known sales traits that are guaranteed to make a huge impact on your sales performance.First, the world's top motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, will teach you how to train your voice inflections to overcome the five most common sales objections. Your voice can make all the difference in phone sales and presentations, and you will learn how to close more sales by controlling your voice.Brian Tracy will guide you through twenty-one qualities top 10 percent sales performers possess, with practical and easy-to-implement tips on establishing instant rapport and credibility with your customers.Work to double your sales effectiveness from the convenience of your car or while you work out with this brilliant audio program.

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07 juuli 2019
Made for Success
Blackstone Publishing
Gardners Books
Audioraamat Brian Tracy "Sell to Anyone!"- laadige alla mp3-fail või kuulake veebis tasuta.
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Sell to Anyone!


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