Introduction to Solid State Physics for Materials Engineers

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A concise, accessible, and up-to-date introduction to solid state physics

Solid state physics is the foundation of many of today's technologies including LEDs, MOSFET transistors, solar cells, lasers, digital cameras, data storage and processing. Introduction to Solid State Physics for Materials Engineers offers a guide to basic concepts and provides an accessible framework for understanding this highly application-relevant branch of science for materials engineers. The text links the fundamentals of solid state physics to modern materials, such as graphene, photonic and metamaterials, superconducting magnets, high-temperature superconductors and topological insulators. Written by a noted expert and experienced instructor, the book contains numerous worked examples throughout to help the reader gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and information presented.

The text covers a wide range of relevant topics, including propagation of electron and acoustic waves in crystals, electrical conductivity in metals and semiconductors, light interaction with metals, semiconductors and dielectrics, thermoelectricity, cooperative phenomena in electron systems, ferroelectricity as a cooperative phenomenon, and more. This important book:

Provides a big picture view of solid state physics Contains examples of basic concepts and applications Offers a highly accessible text that fosters real understanding Presents a wealth of helpful worked examples Written for students of materials science, engineering, chemistry and physics, Introduction to Solid State Physics for Materials Engineers is an important guide to help foster an understanding of solid state physics.

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