Mastering The IPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

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Mastering The IPhone 12 Pro Max Camera
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Mastering the iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

iPhone Photography Guide Taking Pictures like a Pro Even as a SmartPhone Beginner

James Nino

© 2020 James Nino

All rights reserved.

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Mastering the iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

iPhone Photography Guide Taking Pictures like a Pro Even as a SmartPhone Beginner

James Nino


The advice and strategies found within may not be suitable for every situation. This work is sold with the understanding that neither the author nor the publisher is held responsible for the results accrued from the advice in this book.

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Hey, congratulation on purchasing Mastering the iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera book. This book is a must-have book for anyone who wants to use his or her iPhone 12 Pro Max to start taking stunning photos.

This book will open your eyes to many of the basic functions that the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera can be used for as well as some advanced functions that may not be too obvious to users of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. For those who already have older versions of the iPhone and have difficulty locating some of their favorite icons, this book will show you where they have been moved to and the most effective ways of using them to take amazing pictures.

Quite often, the manuals shipped with our devices tend not to do enough justice to the subject of the device at other times, they can be overwhelming. Many other “Get Started Guides” are sometimes too thin and do not really solve any problem, which is why this book is a real gem.

This book will get you acquainted with the mobile phone you carry around you that you can also use as your photography device whenever you go on a trip, attend an event, visit a location, or casting a scene. Knowing how to get more from the digital camera in your pocket is what this book is about, after all, after spending so much to get your iPhone 12 Pro Max, you naturally would want to get more out of it.

This book will help you know how to use the camera on your iPhone 12 Pro Max better and help you optimize the camera features in a lot more ways than you have ever imagined.

As you open the pages of this book, you will be exposed to a wide range of fantastic photos and video tools that you had probably overlooked as ordinary symbols to a position where you now know how to use them. Not only that, you will be shown how to use the iPhone to video a full wedding ceremony. Lovers of drones will also find a chapter of this book where using the iPhone 12 Pro Max with drones is discussed. Overall, this book tries to cater for everyone including social media freaks.

For those who order this book while on vacation, this book can help you improve on your use of your iPhone camera, especially for those things you did not know it could do. You will find that this book is quite worth the time and money spent on it and highly recommended to anyone who uses their iPhone 12 Pro Max to take pictures.

You can start using your iPhone 12 Pro Max camera and start taking the kind of photos that nobody will even believe were shot by you with an iPhone. If you haven’t got your copy and are still hesitating, you should be click the “Buy Now” button to get yours now.

Contents to Expect

Chapter 1

Introducing the iPhone 12 Pro

Design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

iPhone 12 Pro Max Cameras

Ultra-Wide Camera

Wide Camera

Telephoto Camera

Versatility of the Camera System

Augmented Reality (AR) for Innovative Camera Usage

iPhone 12 Pro Max Tech Specs

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Technical Specs

The iPhone 12’s Pro Design and Display

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

iPhone 12 Pro Max HDR Feature

Utilizing the HDR Mode On iPhone 12 Pro Max

Technically Defining HDR

Chapter 2

About the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Features

Relevant Camera Settings to Know





High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Rule of Thirds

The Golden Ratio

DSLR VS iPhone 12 Pro Max

Who is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Suited for

Chapter 3

Capturing Photos on iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Modes

Photo Mode

Portrait Mode

Pano Mode

Video Mode

Slo-Mo Mode

Time-Lapse Mode

Exploring The iPhone 12 Pro Max Lenses

Switching Between the Lenses

Switching to the Standard Wide-Angle Lens

Switching to the Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens

Switching to the Telephoto Lens

Fine Tuning the zoom in and Out

To zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Another way to Operate the Zoom Feature

Zoom Out Photos After Shooting

Expanding your Photoshoot Scene

Introducing the LIDAR Sensor

Using the Volume Buttons as a Shutter

Quick Take Using the iPhone 12 Pro Max Volume Button

Taking Pictures with the Rear Cameras

How to Record Videos

Recording a Video Between Photos Using QuickTake

Taking Burst Photos


Setting Up Photo Capture Outside of the Frame

Taking Advantage of Outside the Frame

Scanning QR Codes with your iPhone

Expanding the Capability of the Front Camera

Mirroring Front Camera

Chapter 4

Manipulating Images on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Editing a Photo or Video

Before and After Effects of Photo Edits

Take Screenshots

Knowing the Different Cropping Options

Straightening and Adjusting Perspective

How to Use Filters Correctly

Taking a Photo with a Filter

Applying Filter Effects on a Photo

Marking Up a Photo

Trimming a Video

Reverting to an Original Photo or Video

Changing the Aspect Ratio

Shooting with the Ultra-Wide Lens

Indicator for Camera Rolling

Chapter 5

Additional Controls on the Camera App

Learn to Take Great Selfies All by Yourself

Selfie Cameras

Taking a Selfie

Taking a Slofie

Switching Between Close and Wide-Angle Selfies

Utilizing the Night Mode

Live Photos and Having Fun with Them

Taking a Live Photo

Editing a Live Photo

To Edit Live Photos

Viewing a Live Photo

Viewing Custom Effects of a Live Photo

Types of Live Photo Effects




Long Exposure

Taking a Panorama Photo

Slow Motion Video

Recording a Slow-motion Video

Understanding iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Focus

Adjusting the Camera Focus

Manually Adjusting the Camera Focus

Understanding iPhone 12 Camera Exposure

How to Adjust the Camera Exposure

How to Lock Camera Focus and Exposure Separately

How to Use the Self-Timer

Steps to Accessing and Using the Self-timer

Having Fun with Your iPhone 12 Pro Max

How to Create your Own Memoji

To Edit, Duplicate, or Delete a Memoji

Sending Animated Animoji or Memoji Recordings

Chapter 6

Configuring Other Camera Settings

Accessing Hidden Camera Controls

Using the HDR Feature

The Portrait Mode on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Blurring Photos Backgrounds with Portrait Mode

Adjusting Portrait Photos

How Not to Include the Blur

Low-Light Photography

Low-Light Photos with Night Mode

Chapter 7

Getting the Most of Your iPhone 12 Pro Max

Best Practices for Smartphone Photography

i. Always Look for Light

ii. Focus and Exposure Adjustment

iii. Making Use of HDR Mode

iv. Turning on Grids

v. Burst Shots

vi. Try Close Focusing

vii. Get Used to Your Default Camera App

viii. Try Add-On Lens

ix. Editing Photos

Chapter 7

iPhone 12 Videography

Video Quality

How to Shoot Videos with your iPhone 12

Time-Lapse Videos

Professional iPhone 12 Pro Max Videos

Image Stabilization

Dolby Vision

How to Turn-on Dolby Vision in Video Recording

Drone Photography with the iPhone 12

Wedding Photographs with the iPhone 12

Chapter 8

Third-party Camera Apps

Camera+ 2

Obscura 2




Caring for Your iPhone Camera


Chapter 1
Introducing the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple in October of 2020 announced its iPhone 12s’ line up, ranging from iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All these smartphones are the best phones you are going to find in the market.

Apple is known for its quality products and they have not disappointed their fans this time too. Everything in the smartphone is at its best. Though Apple had to face critics for not giving a charging adapter along with the smartphones, Apple still managed to satisfy their fans with the awesome design and quality.

The build of the iPhone 12 series reminds us of the iPhone 5s. The sharp cut edges that seem to have been abandoned in subsequent releases after the iPhone 5s was reintroduced in this iPhone and has been the talking point of the phone since then and appreciated by millions of iPhone fans all over the world. It is hard to get your eyes off the attractive form of the phone and the camera set up that characterizes all three phones.

Apple announced everything regarding the cameras in the official event held in October. Guess what; this time, iPhone cameras have added more features than ever experienced in an iPhone.

The stunning features and quality capture have even impressed professional photographers. If you are already from an iPhone family, then you might be aware of the quality of pictures. This time in iPhone 12 series, the inclusion of telephoto lenses has made fans crazy for it.

Figure 1: iPhone 12 Pro Max Lenses

Even though the whole lineup of the iPhone 12 series has got the best of the cameras in their respective segments, however, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has got such remarkable features that serious lovers of photography admire. Being a photography enthusiast, I tend to prefer the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera among the three, mostly because of its size and shape.

The camera setup is incredibly better than previous iPhones and best suits the design of the smartphone body. Be it tapping the low light photos or zooming the street captures; everything is up to mark.

Who doesn't love night portraits? The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is able to take some of the best night portraits ever taken by a phone camera with its portrait mode. The telephoto lens helps you capture scenes with very little detail. Apple is known for its quality products and they have continued their tradition of quality in this iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Well, you all might be thinking that why am I highlighting iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras again and again. Guys, the iPhone 12 Pro Max's camera have got exceptional features. You can record more spectacular videos using iPhone 12 Pro Max, as it comes equipped with a Dolby vision recording that has 60 times more colors. I would be telling you in detail everything that makes iPhone 12 Pro Max's camera the best in the market right now. If you want to make the best of your iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras, then stick with me to the end of this book.

Using the iPhone 12 Pro Max to take pictures is as easy as it's always been in previous versions of the iPhones only that now you can make it do more than those versions if you only knew how to find your way around the interface. Compared to what you may be used to in earlier versions of the iPhone, some controls and settings in the iPhone 12 Pro Max no longer exist while many others have been moved to new locations, including some changes in the layout of the phone’s camera app. The camera app on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is at first glance similar to the old iPhone Camera app only that the new app has a great deal of depth, which makes it able to take crisp photos with minimal effort even when the lighting is limited.


Software and interface changes are not the only things that differentiate the iPhone 12 Pro Max from other iPhone versions. The cameras on the iPhone were already very good at taking great daytime pictures, but the new iPhone 12 Pro Max takes their photography to a whole new level. This is mostly because of the triple-lens setup at the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the supersonic A14 Bionic that enables the phone to expand its capabilities.

To take advantage of these hardware features is an expanded new iOS 14 operating system that enables it to produce crystal clear pictures, among other new functions like the Night mode on all lenses and the Quick Take video. There is also a unique feature that allows users to zoom out on an image even though you had previously captured it with some parts that seem to be missing.

These hardware and software make the iPhone 12 Pro Max to be touted to be one of the best iPhones ever to be produced by Apple when you consider the ingenuity in combining technology with the phone’s high-level photography. The majority of the iPhone’s 12 Pro functions involve knowing what and how to tap, which is what helps to ensure that the photos shot with the iPhone 12 Pro Max even if taken by a novice come out crisp, amazing and sharp. This phone runs on iOS 14 with a high-level dual-sensor for the rear cameras and is also powered by Apple’s new A14 Bionic chip.

The four available colors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max for buyers to choose from include pacific blue, gold, graphite, and silver.

Figure 2: Unboxing the iPhone 12 Pro Max

According to Apple, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is made from the toughest glass ever to grace the glass body of a smartphone and offers an amazing resistance to dust and water with its IP rating of IP68, which helps to improve its reliability and durability.

It's rated to be able to stay up to a depth of water of up to 2M or 6.5 feet for a period of up to 30 minutes. Although an IP68 rating can withstand immersion in water, it is advisable to limit the phone’s exposure to water to just splashes, accidental exposure to liquid, and maybe rain.

For sounds, it equally supports Dolby Atmos and Spatial audio, which enables it to offer a truly impressive sound experience.

Design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

The iPhone 12 series is totally for photos and videos. The sharp design of the device and those three camera lenses along with the LIDAR sensor will surely win your heart. The camera lenses are installed on the top-left corner of the rear side as they were in iPhone 11 pro max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Cameras

There are 3 cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, including a flashlight and LIDAR Scanner. These cameras include an Ultra-wide camera, a telephoto camera, and a wide camera. These cameras have a 7x zoom and focus lens to make the shots better. Let us have a look at their features and their functions.

Figure 3: iPhone 12 Pro Max Layout

Ultra-Wide Camera

The ultra-wide camera has a 120-degree field of view that helps you in capturing extra-wide-angle shots.

Figure 4: Identifying the 12MP Ultra-wide Lens

Wide Camera

The wide camera has a 7-element lens with Sensor-shift optical image stabilization and 100 focus pixels.


Figure 5: Identifying the 12MP Wide Lens