Solid State Physics

An Introduction
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Enables readers to easily understand the basics of solid state physics Solid State Physics is a successful short textbook that gives a clear and concise introduction to its subject. The presentation is suitable for students who are exposed to this topic for the first time. Each chapter starts with basic principles and gently progresses to more advanced concepts, using easy-to-follow explanations and keeping mathematical formalism to a minimum. This new edition is thoroughly revised, with easier-to-understand descriptions of metallic and covalent bonding, a straightforward proof of Bloch's theorem, a simpler approach to the nearly free electron model, and enhanced pedagogical features, such as more than 100 discussion questions, 70 problems–including problems to train the students’ skills to find computational solutions–and multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter, with solutions in the book for self-training. Solid State Physics introduces the readers to: Crystal structures and underlying bonding mechanisms The mechanical and vibrational properties of solids Electronic properties in both a classical and a quantum mechanical picture, with a treatment of the electronic phenomena in metals, semiconductors and insulators More advanced subjects, such as magnetism, superconductivity and phenomena emerging for nano-scaled solidsFor bachelor’s students in physics, materials sciences, engineering sciences, and chemistry, Solid State Physics serves as an introductory textbook, with many helpful supplementary learning resources included throughout the text and available online, to aid in reader comprehension.

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