Advances in Energy Storage

Latest Developments from R&D to the Market
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ADVANCES IN ENERGY STORAGE An accessible reference describing the newest advancements in energy storage technologies Advances in Energy Storage: Latest Developments from R&D to the Market is a comprehensive exploration of a wide range of energy storage technologies that use the fundamental energy conversion method. The distinguished contributors discuss the foundational principles, common materials, construction, device operation, and system level performance of the technology, as well as real-world applications. The book also includes examinations of the industry standards that apply to energy storage technologies and the commercial status of various kinds of energy storage. The book has been written by accomplished leaders in the field and address electrochemical, chemical, thermal, mechanical, and superconducting magnetic energy storage. They offer insightful treatments of relevant policy instruments and posit likely future advancements that will support and stimulate energy storage. Advances in Energy Storage also includes: A thorough introduction to electrochemical, electrical, and super magnetic energy storage, including foundational electrochemistry concepts used in modern power sources A comprehensive exploration of mechanical energy storage and pumped hydro energy storage Practical discussions of compressed air energy storage and flywheels, including the geology, history, and development of air energy storage In-depth examinations of thermal energy storage, including new material developments for latent and thermochemical heat storage Perfect for practicing electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and materials scientists, Advances in Energy Storage: Latest Developments from R&D to the Market is also an indispensable reference for researchers and graduate students in these fields.

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Andreas Hauer
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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