Clinical Cases in Periodontics

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The newly revised Second Edition of Clinical Cases in Periodontics delivers a comprehensive collection of clinical cases on critical topics within the discipline of periodontology. The book is thoroughly updated to incorporate recent developments in the field, along with new classifications of periodontal disease, common diagnoses, and a wide range of treatment options. 

43 real-world clinical cases are discussed in this collection, including 8 brand-new cases unique to this edition, all of which include commentary and high-quality images to improve reader comprehension and understanding. The cases cover topics such as surgical and non-surgical treatment, regenerative therapy, mucogingival therapy, and interdisciplinary treatments. 

Clinical Cases in Periodontics offers: 

A thorough introduction to periodontic examination and diagnosis, including documentation, plaque, and non-plaque induced gingivitis A comprehensive exploration of non-surgical periodontal therapy, including local anatomic factors contributing to periodontal disease and local drug delivery Practical discussions of resective periodontal therapy, including gingivectomy and flap osseous surgery In-depth examinations of regenerative therapy, including the treatment of furcation and guided bone regeneration The latest advances in inter-disciplinary care, encompassing orthodontics, prosthodontics, and implant dentistry A companion website featuring the images from the book in PowerPoint The latest edition of Clinical Cases in Periodontics is ideal for dental students, periodontology residents, dental practitioners, and anyone else seeking periodontal clinical case studies.

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940 lk. 429 illustratsiooni
Nadeem Karimbux
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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