Flow and Microreactor Technology in Medicinal Chemistry

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Learn to master a powerful technology to enable a faster drug discovery workflow The ultimate dream for medicinal chemists is the ability to synthesize new drug-like compounds with the push of a button. The key to synthesizing chemical compounds more quickly and accurately lies in computer-controlled technologies that can be optimized by machine learning. Recent developments in computer-controlled automated syntheses that rely on miniature flow reactors—with integrated analysis of the resulting products—provide a workable technology for synthesizing new chemical substances very quickly and with minimal effort. In Flow and Microreactor Technology in Medicinal Chemistry, early adopters of this ground-breaking technology describe its current and potential uses in medicinal chemistry. Based on successful examples of the use of flow and microreactor synthesis for drug-like compounds, the book introduces current as well as emerging uses for automated synthesis in a drug discovery context. Flow and Microreactor Technology in Medicinal Chemistry readers will also find: Numerous case studies that address the most common applications of this technology in the day-to-day work of medicinal chemists How to integrate flow synthesis with drug discovery How to perform enantioselective reactions under continuous flow conditions Flow and Microreactor Technology in Medicinal Chemistry is a valuable practical reference for medicinal chemists, organic chemists, and natural products chemists, whether they are working in academia or in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Esther Alza
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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