Essential Concepts in MRI

Physics, Instrumentation, Spectroscopy and Imaging
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ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS IN MRI A concise and complete introductory treatment of NMR and MRI Essential Concepts in MRI delivers the first comprehensive look at magnetic resonance imaging with a practical focus on nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy applications. The book includes the essential components of MRI and NMR and is written for anyone new to the field of MRI who seeks to gain a complete understanding of all four essential components of MRI: physics theory, instrumentation, spectroscopy, and imaging. Highly visual and including numerous full color figures that provide crucial graphical descriptions of key concepts discussed in the book, Essential Concepts in MRI includes discussions of quantitative and creative MRI, as well as spatial mapping in MRI and the effects of the field gradient and k-space imaging. The book also covers: A thorough introduction to essential concepts in nuclear magnetic resonance, including classical descriptions of NMR and quantum mechanical descriptions of NMR Comprehensive explorations of essential concepts in NMR instrumentation, including magnets, radio-frequency coils, transmitters, and receivers Practical discussions of essential concepts in NMR spectroscopy, including simple 1D spectroscopy, double resonance, and dipolar interactions in two-spin systems In-depth examinations of essential concepts in MRI, including the design of MRI pulse sequences and the elements of MRI instrumentation, with a special focus on quantitative MRI Essential Concepts in MRI is a must-read reference for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students in the physical and medical sciences, especially radiology, MRI, and imaging courses. It is also essential for students and researchers in the biomedical sciences and engineering.

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