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A guide to two-phase heat transfer theory, practice, and applications Designed primarily as a practical resource for design and development engineers, Two-Phase Heat Transfer contains the theories and methods of two-phase heat transfer that are solution oriented. Written in a clear and concise manner, the book includes information on physical phenomena, experimental data, theoretical solutions, and empirical correlations. A very wide range of real-world applications and formulas/correlations for them are presented. The two-phase heat transfer systems covered in the book include boiling, condensation, gas-liquid mixtures, and gas-solid mixtures. The author—a noted expert in this field—also reviews the numerous applications of two-phase heat transfer such as heat exchangers in refrigeration and air conditioning, conventional and nuclear power generation, solar power plants, aeronautics, chemical processes, petroleum industry, and more. Special attention is given to heat exchangers using mini-channels which are being increasingly used in a variety of applications. This important book: Offers a practical guide to two-phase heat transfer Includes clear guidance for design professionals by identifying the best available predictive techniques Reviews the extensive literature on heat transfer in two-phase systems Presents information to aid in the design and analysis of heat exchangers. Written for students and research, design, and development engineers, Two-Phase Heat Transfer is a comprehensive volume that covers the theory, methods, and applications of two-phase heat transfer.

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