Time to Heal - Kindred Tales, Book 25 (Unabridged)

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A Single Mother, Desperately trying to get back her baby. A Warrior who swears to help her or die trying. Can Skahr and Emmeline steal back her baby before it's too late? And will they have…Time to Heal?

Emmeline is a young, single mother all alone in the world. After being attacked, she was cast out by her family and is having a hard time making her way in the world, Desperate to assure her son's future, she gave him up to her mother to raise–only to have him stolen away from her completely. Now he is sick and she must find a way to heal him–but how?

Enter Skahr, a Kindred warrior from another world who needs some healing of his own. A prophesy has foretold that Emmeline is the one he seeks but he must promise to help her find and heal her baby first. As the two go on a quest together, Emmeline finds herself drawn to the big, scarred warrior with his surprising strength and quiet ways. But will the two of them get back her baby before it's too late?

And will they have…Time to Heal?

Author's Warning: Though I have tried to handle it delicately, readers should know that my heroine, Emmeline, is the victim of sexual assault. If you have also been a victim, please read with care. I hope, as I always do when I write this kind of book, to provide a narrative which will bring hope and healing to the reader, not a re-occurrence of trauma.

Täpsemad andmed
Mackenzie Cartwright
Insatiable Press
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