Digital VLSI Design and Simulation with Verilog

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Master digital design with VLSI and Verilog using this up-to-date and comprehensive resource from leaders in the field Digital VLSI Design Problems and Solution with Verilog delivers an expertly crafted treatment of the fundamental concepts of digital design and digital design verification with Verilog HDL. The book includes the foundational knowledge that is crucial for beginners to grasp, along with more advanced coverage suitable for research students working in the area of VLSI design. Including digital design information from the switch level to FPGA-based implementation using hardware description language (HDL), the distinguished authors have created a one-stop resource for anyone in the field of VLSI design. Through eleven insightful chapters, you'll learn the concepts behind digital circuit design, including combinational and sequential circuit design fundamentals based on Boolean algebra. You'll also discover comprehensive treatments of topics like logic functionality of complex digital circuits with Verilog, using software simulators like ISim of Xilinx. The distinguished authors have included additional topics as well, like: A discussion of programming techniques in Verilog, including gate level modeling, model instantiation, dataflow modeling, and behavioral modeling A treatment of programmable and reconfigurable devices, including logic synthesis, introduction of PLDs, and the basics of FPGA architecture An introduction to System Verilog, including its distinct features and a comparison of Verilog with System Verilog A project based on Verilog HDLs, with real-time examples implemented using Verilog code on an FPGA board Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students in electronics engineering and computer science engineering, Digital VLSI Design Problems and Solution with Verilogalso has a place on the bookshelves of academic researchers and private industry professionals in these fields.

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