Intelligent Security Systems

How Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science Work For and Against Computer Security
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INTELLIGENT SECURITY SYSTEMS Dramatically improve your cybersecurity using AI and machine learning In Intelligent Security Systems, distinguished professor and computer scientist Dr. Leon Reznik delivers an expert synthesis of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques, applied to computer security to assist readers in hardening their computer systems against threats. Emphasizing practical and actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented by industry professionals and computer device’s owners, the author explains how to install and harden firewalls, intrusion detection systems, attack recognition tools, and malware protection systems. He also explains how to recognize and counter common hacking activities. This book bridges the gap between cybersecurity education and new data science programs, discussing how cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques can work for and against cybersecurity efforts. Intelligent Security Systems includes supplementary resources on an author-hosted website, such as classroom presentation slides, sample review, test and exam questions, and practice exercises to make the material contained practical and useful. The book also offers: A thorough introduction to computer security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, including basic definitions and concepts like threats, vulnerabilities, risks, attacks, protection, and tools An exploration of firewall design and implementation, including firewall types and models, typical designs and configurations, and their limitations and problems Discussions of intrusion detection systems (IDS), including architecture topologies, components, and operational ranges, classification approaches, and machine learning techniques in IDS design A treatment of malware and vulnerabilities detection and protection, including malware classes, history, and development trends Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students in computer security, computer science and engineering, Intelligent Security Systems will also earn a place in the libraries of students and educators in information technology and data science, as well as professionals working in those fields.

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John Wiley & Sons Limited
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