Technosignatures for Detecting Intelligent Life in Our Universe

A Research Companion
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TECHNOSIGNATURES FOR DETECTING INTELLIGENT LIFE IN OUR UNIVERSE This book shows the current state of the research in the field of technosignatures, presenting novel ideas from economics, forecasting, and data sciences, making it an ideal research compendium for scientists. The book summarizes the multiple interdisciplinary efforts that have contributed to the field of technosignatures. The technosignatures represent any signals that can be collected from the Universe, such as radio wavelengths, optical signals, and many more, that can be potential candidates as signals emitted intentionally from another part of the Universe that is not Earth. It shows how current advances in science, technology, and social sciences can support this effort and can be used as both a resource for the scientists in the field and as a reference for the public at large interested in the topic. It includes novel research work from economics, forecasting, and data sciences fields, as well as a deeper understanding of the role mass media and popular fiction has played in the evolution of this field. Audience The book will interest both natural scientists (astronomers and astrophysicists) and social scientists (economists), as well as the new emerging data scientists. Amateur astronomers will be attracted to the book as well.

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300 lk. 107 illustratsiooni
Anamaria Berea
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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