Water, Climate Change, and Sustainability

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WATER, CLIMATE CHANGE, AND SUSTAINABILITY[/b] An in-depth review of sustainable concepts in water resources management under climate changeClimate change continues to intensify existing pressures in water resources management, such as rapid population growth, land use changes, pollution, damming of rivers, and many others. Securing a reliable water supply—critical for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—requires understanding of the relation between finite water resources, climate variability/change, and various elements of sustainability. Water, Climate Change, and Sustainability is a timely and in-depth examination of the concept of sustainability as it relates to water resources management in the context of climate change risks.Featuring contributions by global authors, this edited volume is organized into three sections: Sustainability Concepts; Sustainability Approaches, Tools, and Techniques; and Sustainability in Practice. Detailed chapters describe the linkage between water and sustainable development, highlight the development and use of new measuring and reporting methods, and discuss the implementation of sustainability concepts in various water use sectors. Topics include localizing and mainstreaming global water sustainability initiatives, resilient water infrastructure for poverty reduction, urban water security for sustainable cities, climate actions and challenges for sustainable ecosystem services, and more. This important resource:Reviews contemporary scientific research and practical applications in the areas of water, climate change and sustainability in different regions of the worldDiscusses future directions of research and practices in relation to expected patterns of climate changesCovers a wide range of concepts, theories, and perspectives of sustainable development of water resourcesFeatures case studies of field and modelling techniques for analyzing water resources and evaluating vulnerability, security, and associated risksDiscusses practical applications of water resources in contexts such as food security, global health, clean energy, and climate actionWater, Climate Change, and Sustainability is an invaluable resource for policy makers water managers, researchers, and other professionals in the field, and an ideal text for graduate students in hydrogeology, climate change, geophysics, geochemistry, geography, water resources, and environmental science.

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David Wiberg, Sangam Shrestha, Vishnu Prasad Pandey
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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