Microwave Plasma Sources and Methods in Processing Technology

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A practical introduction to microwave plasma for processing applications at a variety of pressures

In Microwave Plasma Sources and Methods in Processing Technology, the authors deliver a comprehensive introduction to microwaves and microwave-generated plasmas. Ideal for anyone interested in non-thermal gas discharge plasmas and their applications, the book includes detailed descriptions, explanations, and practical guidance for the study and use of microwave power, microwave components, plasma, and plasma generation.

This reference includes over 130 full-color diagrams to illustrate the concepts discussed within. The distinguished authors discuss the plasmas generated at different levels of power, as well as their applications at reduced, atmospheric and higher pressures. They also describe plasmas inside liquids and plasma interactions with combustion flames.

Microwave Plasma Sources and Methods in Processing Technology concludes with an incisive exploration of new trends in the study and application of microwave discharges, offering promising new areas of study.

The book also includes:

• A thorough introduction to the basic principles of microwave techniques and power systems, including a history of the technology, microwave generators, waveguides, and wave propagation

• A comprehensive exploration of the fundamentals of the physics of gas discharge plasmas, including plasma generation, Townsend coefficients, and the Paschen curve

• Practical discussions of the interaction between plasmas and solid surfaces and gases, including PVD, PE CVD, oxidation, sputtering, evaporation, dry etching, surface activation, and cleaning

• In-depth examinations of microwave plasma systems for plasma processing at varied parameters

Perfect for researchers and engineers in the microwave community, as well as those who work with plasma applications, Microwave Plasma Sources and Methods in Processing Technology will also earn a place in the libraries of graduate and PhD students studying engineering physics, microwave engineering, and plasmas.

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380 lk. 228 illustratsiooni
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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