Tidal Power

Harnessing Energy from Water Currents
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Offers a unique and highly technical approach to tidal power and how it can be harnessed efficiently and cost-effectively, with less impact on the environment than traditional power plants

With the demand for energy outstripping conventional sources from fossil fuels, new sources of energy must be found. Tidal power is a potentially rich source of renewable energy. Even though power plants that run on hydropower have been around a long time, new types, such as those run without dams, have not been as heavily researched and presented to the scientific community. This book is a step in that direction—suggesting more cost-effective and less environmentally intrusive methods for creating power sources from rivers, the tides, and other sources of water.

Presenting a detailed discussion of the costs, risks, and challenges of building power plants that run on hydropower, Tidal Power: Harnessing Energy From Water Currents:

Covers the technical aspects of tidal power plants without dams, or “Marine Hydro Kinetic (MHK)” power plants Covers tidal barrages with reservoirs and how they can be utilized to generate renewable energy Details the regulations of hydro power plants that do not use dams Gives real examples of turbines that have been built using these new technologies As the global supply of conventional energy sources, such as fossil fuels, dwindles and becomes more and more expensive, unconventional and renewable sources of energy, such as power generation from water sources, becomes more important—making Tidal Power an incredibly valuable text for engineers, students, and researchers working in the field.

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24 detsember 2019
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John Wiley & Sons Limited
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