Wave, Wind, and Current Power Generation

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WAVE AND CURRENT POWER GENERATION Written by two well-known and respected engineers, this exciting new volume is the most up-to-date and comprehensive text on power generation from waves and water currents available today to engineers, scientists, and students, also covering the latest advances in wind power generation. As the world turns further and further away from fossil fuel energy sources, unconventional and renewable sources of energy, such as power generation from water sources and wind energy, are becoming more and more important. Hydropower has been around for decades, but this book suggests new methods that are more cost-effective and less intrusive to the environment for creating power sources from rivers, the tides, and other sources of water. Written by two experts in the field, it also covers wind energy and how it can be more efficiently harnessed. This groundbreaking new volume deals with modern problems of using wind energy, namely, jet currents in the atmosphere and the energy of water flows of rivers, ocean and sea currents, including those caused by tides. Wind and water-based energy sources form an essential part of the renewable energy solution. The engineering measures discussed in this book prove, for example, that by reducing the rate of dissipation of atmospheric surface low-level currents by only one percent, it is possible to provide all of humanity with energy at rates twice the per capita consumption of the wealthiest countries. Whether for the veteran engineer or the engineering student, this book is a must-have for any library. Wave, Wind and Current Power Generation: Is one of the first books available on wave and current power generation containing information for engineers to use for solving day-to-day problems Assists engineers in rapidly analyzing problems and finding effective design methods and select mechanical specifications Provides methods and proven fundamentals of process design for practical application Helps achieve optimum operations and process conditions and shows how to translate design fundamentals into mechanical equipment specifications Covers not just wave and current power generation, but also has a section on wind power generation and a comprehensive overview of renewable energy in the world today

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