A Shilling For Candles - Inspector Alan Grant, Book 2 (Unabridged)

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The second book in the Inspector Alan Grant series.

Beneath the sea cliffs of the south coast, suicides are a sad but common fact. Yet even the hardened coastguard knows something is wrong when a beautiful young film actress is found lying dead on the beach one morning, even though the area is notorious for such incidents.

However, it soon becomes clear that darker motives were afoot, and potential suspects in the death of Christine Clay stack up at a rapid pace. As the case grows murkier, the man who spent the last week of Clay's life living with her in a remote cottage goes on the run, and Inspector Alan Grant must race to uncover the truth.

A Shilling for Candles was the basis for Alfred Hitchcock's Young and Innocent.

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Karen Cass
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