Soft-Switching Technology for Three-phase Power Electronics Converters

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Soft-Switching Technology for Three-phase Power Electronics Converters Discover foundational and advanced topics in soft-switching technology, including ZVS three-phase conversion In Soft-Switching Technology for Three-phase Power Electronics Converters, an expert team of researchers delivers a comprehensive exploration of soft-switching three-phase converters for applications including renewable energy and distribution power systems, AC power sources, UPS, motor drives, battery chargers, and more. The authors begin with an introduction to the fundamentals of the technology, providing the basic knowledge necessary for readers to understand the following articles. The book goes on to discuss three-phase rectifiers and three-phase grid inverters. It offers prototypes and experiments of each type of technology. Finally, the authors describe the impact of silicon carbide devices on soft-switching three-phase converters, studying the improvement in efficiency and power density created via the introduction of silicon carbide devices. Throughout, the authors put a special focus on a family of zero-voltage switching (ZVS) three-phase converters and related pulse width modulation (PWM) schemes. The book also includes: A thorough introduction to soft-switching techniques, including the classification of soft-switching for three phase converter topologies, soft-switching types and a generic soft-switching pulse-width-modulation known as Edge-Aligned PWM A comprehensive exploration of classical soft-switching three-phase converters, including the switching of power semiconductor devices and DC and AC side resonance Practical discussions of ZVS space vector modulation for three-phase converters, including the three-phase converter commutation process In-depth examinations of three-phase rectifiers with compound active clamping circuits Perfect for researchers, scientists, professional engineers, and undergraduate and graduate students studying or working in power electronics, Soft-Switching Technology for Three-phase Power Electronics Converters is also a must-read resource for research and development engineers involved with the design and development of power electronics.

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