Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysics

Applications in GeoRadar, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM
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Discover the utility of four popular electromagnetic geophysical techniques

In GeoRadar, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM Methods, accomplished researchers Fabio Giannino and Giovanni Leucci deliver an in-depth exploration of the theory and application of four different electromagnetic geophysical techniques: ground penetrating radar, the frequency domain electromagnetic method, the time domain electromagnetic method, and the airborne electromagnetic method. The authors offer a full description of each technique as they relate to the economics, planning, and logistics of deploying each of them on-site.

The book also discusses the potential output of each method and how it can be combined with other sources of below- and above-ground information to create a digitized common point cloud containing a wide variety of data.

Giannino and Leucci rely on 25 years of professional experience in over 40 countries around the world to provide readers with a fulsome description of the optimal use of GPR, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM, demonstrating their flexibility and applicability to a wide variety of use cases.

Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:

A thorough introduction to electromagnetic theory, including the operative principles and theory of ground penetrating radar (GPR) and the frequency domain electromagnetic method (FDEM) An exploration of hardware architecture and surveying, including GPR, FDEM, time domain electromagnetic method (TDEM), and airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveying A collection of case studies, including a multiple-geophysical archaeological GPR survey in Turkey and a UXO search in a building area in Italy using FDEM /li> Discussions of planning and mobilizing a campaign, the shipment and clearance of survey equipment, and managing the operative aspects of field activity Perfect for forensic and archaeological geophysicists, GeoRadar, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM Methods will also earn a place in the libraries of anyone seeking a one-stop reference for the planning and deployment of GDR, FDEM, TDEM, and AEM surveying techniques.

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