Image Processing

Dealing with Texture
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The classic text that covers practical image processing methods and theory for image texture analysis, updated second edition The revised second edition of Image Processing: Dealing with Textures updates the classic work on texture analysis theory and methods without abandoning the foundational essentials of this landmark work. Like the first, the new edition offers an analysis of texture in digital images that are essential to a diverse range of applications such as: robotics, defense, medicine and the geo-sciences. Designed to easily locate information on specific problems, the text is structured around a series of helpful questions and answers. Updated to include the most recent developments in the field, many chapters have been completely revised including: Fractals and Multifractals, Image Statistics, Texture Repair, Local Phase Features, Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform, Ridgelets and Curvelets and Deep Texture Features. The book takes a two-level mathematical approach: light math is covered in the main level of the book, with harder math identified in separate boxes. This important text: Contains an update of the classic advanced text that reviews practical image processing methods and theory for image texture analysis Puts the focus exclusively on an in-depth exploration of texture Contains a companion website with exercises and algorithms Includes examples that are fully worked to enhance the learning experience Written for students and researchers of image processing, the second edition of Image Processing has been revised and updated to incorporate the foundational information on the topic and information on the latest advances.

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