Alternative Liquid Dielectrics for High Voltage Transformer Insulation Systems

Performance Analysis and Applications
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A comprehensive reference and guide on the usage of the alternative dielectric fluids for transformer insulation systems

Liquid-filled transformers are one of the most important and expensive components involved in the transmission and distribution of power to industrial and domestic loads. Although petroleum-based insulating oils have been used in transformers for decades, recent environmental concerns, health and safety considerations, and various technical factors have increased the need for new alternative and biodegradable liquids.

Alternative Liquid Dielectrics for High Voltage Transformer Insulation Systems is an up-to-date reference and guide on natural and synthetic ester-based biodegradable insulating liquids. Covering the operational behavior, performance analysis, and maintenance of transformers filled with biodegradable insulating liquids, this comprehensive resource helps researchers and utility engineers expand their knowledge of the benefits, challenges, and application of ester-filled transformers. In-depth chapters written by experienced researchers addresses critical topics including transformer condition monitoring, high voltage insulation testing, biodegradable insulating material processing and evaluation, and more. A unique and significant contribution to existing literature on the subject, this authoritative volume:

• Covers condition monitoring, diagnostic testing, applications, maintenance, and in-service experiences• Explores current challenges and future prospects of ester-filled transformers• Discusses significant research progress and identifies the topics in need of further emphasis• Compares the differences and similarities between mineral oils and ester liquids• Includes in-depth behavioral observations and performance analysis of ester-based insulating liquids

Alternative Liquid Dielectrics for High Voltage Transformer Insulation Systems: Performance Analysis and Applications is a must-have reference for utility engineers, electrical power utilities, transformer owners, manufacturers, and researchers.

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Issouf Fofana, Ramanujam Sarathi, U. Mohan Rao
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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