Flexible Thermoelectric Polymers and Systems

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Flexible Thermoelectric Polymers and Systems Comprehensive review of the rapidly evolving field of flexible thermoelectric polymers Flexible Thermoelectric Polymers and Systems delivers an expansive exploration of the most recent developments in flexible thermoelectric polymers and composites, as well as their applications in thermoelectric generators and Peltier coolers. The book focuses on novel designs and applications of technologies such as low-dimensional thermoelectric materials and how the latest advances have begun to overcome problems including poor mechanical flexibility and high fabrication costs. The book begins with a review of the fundamentals of thermoelectric materials, including discussions of the properties of thermoelectric materials, the Seebeck, Peltier, and Thomson effects, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and thermoelectric generators, cooling, and sensors. It goes on to discuss more advanced developments in the field, such as flexible thermoelectric plastics and the thermoelectric properties of conducting polymers with ionic conductors. The book also includes: Thorough introductions to thermoelectric materials and systems, as well as the chemistry and physics of intrinsically conductive polymers Comprehensive explorations of thermoelectric PEDOTs, p-type thermoelectric polymers, and N-type thermoelectric polymers Practical discussions of thermoelectric composites of carbon nanotubes, graphene, and nanomaterials In-depth examinations of polymer composites of inorganic thermoelectric semiconductors Perfect for academic and industrial researchers and engineers in physics, materials science, chemistry, and engineering, Flexible Thermoelectric Polymers and Systems is also an indispensable resource for graduate students and early-career professionals working in those fields.

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Jianyong Ouyang
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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