Digital Audio Signal Processing

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Digital Audio Signal Processing The fully revised new edition of the popular textbook, featuring additional MATLAB exercises and new algorithms for processing digital audio signals Digital Audio Signal Processing (DASP) techniques are used in a variety of applications, ranging from audio streaming and computer-generated music to real-time signal processing and virtual sound processing. Digital Audio Signal Processing provides clear and accessible coverage of the fundamental principles and practical applications of digital audio processing and coding. Throughout the book, the authors explain a wide range of basic audio processing techniques and highlight new directions for automatic tuning of different algorithms and discuss state- of-the-art DASP approaches. Now in its third edition, this popular guide is fully updated with the latest signal processing algorithms for audio processing. Entirely new chapters cover nonlinear processing, Machine Learning (ML) for audio applications, distortion, soft/hard clipping, overdrive, equalizers and delay effects, sampling and reconstruction, and more. Covers the fundamentals of quantization, filters, dynamic range control, room simulation, sampling rate conversion, and audio coding Describes DASP techniques, their theoretical foundations, and their practical applications Discusses modern studio technology, digital transmission systems, storage media, and home entertainment audio components Features a new introductory chapter and extensively revised content throughout Provides updated application examples and computer-based activities supported with MATLAB exercises and interactive JavaScript applets via an author-hosted companion website Balancing essential concepts and technological topics, Digital Audio Signal Processing, Third Edition remains the ideal textbook for advanced music technology and engineering students in audio signal processing courses. It is also an invaluable reference for audio engineers, hardware and software developers, and researchers in both academia and industry.

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